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Underground Specialties Inc. is your exclusive supplier of sump pumps and drainage equipment throughout Canada.

We are a family-owned and operated company based in the Sarnia area, and we are dedicated to our customers across the country. While we supply Basement Watchdog sump pumps nationally, we also offer a wide variety of products such as water powered pumps, battery-powered pumps, water backup pumps, drainage equipment, drain pipes, holding and septic tanks, piping and more.

Visit our website to see our full range of products and find other useful resources. Whether your project is for home, contractors or municipalities, Underground Specialties Inc. has what you need!

If you want to have peace of mind and ensure your belongings are safe, then you need a Basement Watchdog Backup Sump Pump System. We want to make sure you are protected in the event of flooding, so call us at 888-393-4521 today to speak to a dedicated and friendly team!

Precast Products

  • Catchbasins

  • Custom Precast

  • Septic Tanks

  • Holding Tanks

  • Oil Interceptors

  • Sump Pits

  • Well Tile

  • Sump Pits

  • Parking bumpers

  • Retaining Wall Blocks

  • Meter Pits

  • Hydro Vaults

  • Manholes

  • Precast benches


  • Sump Pumps

  • Sewage Pumps

  • Backup Pumps

  • Laundry Tub Pumps

  • Float Switches

  • Sewer Ejector Kits

  • Backwater Valves

  • Check Valves

  • Brass Fittings/Valves

  • Yard Hydrants

  • Plastic Sump Pits

  • Utility Pumps

  • Example label


  • PVC Pipes & Fittings

  • SDR Pipe & Fittings

  • Galv Steel Culvert

  • Flexible Couplings

  • Floor Drains

  • Trench Drains

  • Plastic Catchbasins

  • CI Sewer Cleanout

  • Spetic Pipe/Fittings

  • Utility Pumps


  • Watermain Pipe

  • Sch 40 PVC Pipe

  • Sch 40 PVC Fittings

  • Copper Pipe

  • Fire Hydrants

  • Gate Valves

  • Repair Clamps

  • Tracer Wire

  • Anodes

  • Service Saddles


  • Marking Paint

  • Foundation Coating

  • Hydraulic Cement

  • Pipe Cutters

  • Drain Cleaner

  • Septic Tank Treatment

  • Anodes


  • Concrete Catchbasins & Manholes

  • Concrete Products

  • Drainage Products

  • Municipal Castings

  • PVC Pipe & Fittings

  • Retaining Walls

  • Sump & Sewage Pumps

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